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What is a penis pump?

Is a penis pump dangerous?

How does a penis pump work?

What is the difference between a squeeze ball and trigger type pump?

Should I use a cock ring after I get an erection?





What is a penis pump?
Penis pumps were originally developed to help men with erectile dysfunction to get a “hard on”. Today with Viagra, Levitra, and other drugs, penis pumps are used more for play as sex toys, or to help get a harder erection without drugs.

Is a penis pump dangerous?
Keep in mind that over pumping be dangerous. In some cases, the pumped up tissues can take a week or more to return to normal. And extreme or prolonged pumping can result in permanent damage to blood vessels in the penis and the penile tissues.
You should now keep any form of erection keeper on for more than 30 minutes. a cock ring, a penis pump, etc. YOU NEED BLOOD CIRCULATING IN YOUR PENIS

How does a penis pump work?
The basic engineering of a penis pump is simple. A tube to house the penis is attached by a hose to a vacuum penis pumping device, such as a rubber squeeze ball, that sucks the air out of the tube creating a vacuum around the penis. A lip around the base of the tube makes a tight-fitting seal with the cock/torso. As the air is pumped out of the tube by the vacuum pump, it pulls the penis further into the tube and increases blood flow.

What is the difference between a squeeze ball and trigger type pump?Both mechanisms remove air from the chamber. The difference lies in the repetitive action required by the user. It is more a personal preference more than anything.

Should I use a cock ring after I get an erection?

Some customers find a cock ring helps to maintain a 'firmer' erection once the penis is removed from the pump. Do not wear a cock ring for more than 15-20 minutes at a time. Allow blood to circulate within the penis to prevent tissue and nerve damage.

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